Saturday, April 12, 2008

Support Group for Deaf Parent/s of CI Children: CICDA!

CICDA – Cochlear Implanted Children of Deaf Adults, a new parent support group is founded!

To the deaf parents of CI child(ren) and those in process of receiving CI,

-In what ways have members of the Deaf community reacted to your decision to implant your child?
-What are your reasons for getting a CI for your child?
-Are you trying to figure out the best choices for your CI child?
-Is your CI child struggling with her/his identity? Is she/he transitioning smoothly between Deaf and hearing worlds?
-How interested are you about a possible gathering with other deaf parents and their CI kids?
-Are there other issues that have arisen from having your child implanted, which you would like the CICDA group to support/discuss/ or to which you would like to draw attention? i.e. sharing successes and struggles of our kids.

If you find the above to be issues about which you feel strongly--or about which you are curious, join, learn from, share with and contribute to CICDA, please join the CICDA group and email us at

CICDA is a new private support group for deaf parents with CI kids who are part of the deaf community with a variety of communication modes such ASL, oral method, cued speech, PSE, etc. This group gives us an opportunity to be able to feel free to share experiences, offer advice, and keep updated with the latest research and developments. The number of deaf parents with CI children is small but has been growing steadily.

-Posted by a CICDA member


Anonymous said...

Why can't you simply call them kids with CI's?
Why call them "CI Kids?"
Why give them a label. Can't they just be kids first, rather than being identified by something that they just happen to wear?

Jean Boutcher said...

How many DODA with CI are there?

Can you show the approximate range of implanted children's ages?

How many signing deaf parents of implanted children?

How many oral parents of implanted children with CI?

Abbie said...

This is a great idea! I get numerous emails requesting my perspective of what it is like to live with a CI from both hearing and deaf parents and this would be the kind of support group that would help.

Jean, what is doda?

raychelle said...

Abbie, DODA means deaf (children) of deaf adults.

Anonymous said...

Seems like there is not a group to contact here. Too many other organizations on the web with the same initials. Would have been nice to get a hold of someone. Sigh

Anonymous said...

I am doing research for school. I am trying to get true facts of whether or not CI users are refrained from using asl both during post surgery rehabilitation and after. If you could please help answer this it would be appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hello, for those who have had the CI or are thinking about getting it with concerns or who had them before getting them what came to mind? What threat did you feel or the people around you feel? What part of Deaf history bring a feeling of anxiety about the CI?

Anonymous said...

Hello, is this group still active? I am looking to be in contact with deaf parents who have opted to have their deaf children receive cochlear implants. I hope someone is out there!