Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hear and Now

Hey-out of curiosity-did anyone see "Hear and Now"? I watched it tonight and am curious as to what the viewers think!


AL said...

I don't have HBO :( Where can I watch it? I hope it'll be on DVD soon.. What did you think of the film?

Boult said...

as per Bob of Bhnews;
**Hear and Now is the exclusive property of HBO and will not appear on other channels.

A DVD release is "expected" later this year - but, don't hold your breath!

Suggestion: buy a jug of vino and invite yourself over to a friend's digs that has HBO!


For the HBO schedule:

Abbie said...

I had the chance to watch it. The parents have been deaf all their lives and they decided at the age of 65 to get a cochlear implant. The pair of them talked and signed all throughout the documentary. The wife was an expert lip reader but the husband had the better voice because he went to an oral school. They decided to go through this process together because they were wondering what makes a sound.

They had the surgeries one week apart from one another. The mother was overjoyed and happy that it was finally done and over with. She developed some complications after the surgery that looked to me like vertigo, she was dizzy and nauseous which is a common side affect with cochlear implant surgery. The husband had no problems with the surgery.

When it came time for activation, the wife was very emotional and rightly so. They decided since she had the surgery first that he can get activated first. The husband couldn't make head and tails of anything being said but he was hearing something and pretty happy. When the mother was activated, it was a different story. She was very emotional and they didn't really show her talking about what she was hearing. It is totally true, it is very hard to put into words what you are hearing, especially if you never heard of them before. The audiologist tried to throw out different adjectives to get an idea but it was very difficult for her to talk.

The next scene showed the couple going through the house shuffling down the hallway and turning lights on and off. The husband went through the car wash which was a auditory amusement park for him. He was clearly enjoying the different sounds that the CI was picking up.

The wife was having a hard time with the CI because she had high expectations. She showed several signs of mental anguish that a one might go through with trying to adjust to listening to a CI. She was getting frustrated because she wasn't progressing like her husband was which caused her to take off the CI an awful lot. She wasn't listening to the doctors about keeping it on but having all that noise pumped into her brain wore her out physically. She made several mistakes of raising the volume all the way in noisy situations that in turn caused the implant to shut down. I can contribute to how she felt in the beginning as my brain adapted.

They showed their progress at 3 and 6 months. At the six month, they were at the audiologist and he performed a speech comprehension with them. They couldn't understand one word but that isn't why they got the CI, they wanted to hear not understand speech.

In the end, they were not sorry that they got the implant. The husband mentioned that hearing his wife brings another dimension to her. They realized that it would take another 65 years for them to understand some of the noise with the implant. They are still the same people. They take it off when they want to enjoy themselves like reading the newspaper and what have you.

I really like it because it shows the CI as a tool to hear, not a cure. It portrays some of the feelings that someone with a CI will go through. I thought they were really brave to go through with it but they didn't change because of it. They were still people with feelings with the CI. It shows the difference of how a CI could work well for one person but not for the other. All in all, I thought it was a great documentary done by their daughter.

Anonymous said...

This is just another propaganda movie to teach the public that it is best to get implanted as early as possible.

K.L. said...

Thanks Abbie,
I don't get HBO, and I was so curious about that show. It confirms what I have heard also, that it seems that there is a connection between how well you speak and how well you adapt to the implant. Even if you can't hear and haven't heard for a long time, if you have learned to speak, it seems like that keeps a connection to the auditory processing center of the brain working.

That seems to be true for these two people as well.

heartie7 said...

I loved the film-overall, it provided realistic lens on adults who get a cochlear implant later in lives. I think it was one of the best films about CI I've seen thus far because it was about an individual's experience without being wrapped up in a famous CI controversy. It reflects well on those who already have a deaf-identity yet are curious about sounds. I was impressed with how the daughter incorporated their parents' history (how did she manage to pull out beautiful old home videos!) and blended it nicely with their parents' journey with sounds. It was truthful, being that having a CI is not a bed of roses and took us through their motions. In the end, with the right attitude and patience, they've managed to get through it and are happy with their results. I liked the part about how Paul said that he was more excited about the TTY than CI-which brings to the point that CI is just a tool to help hear a little more and does not make up for the connection with the people. It showed a sense of balance between their silent world and sound-filled one.

Platonic's Eye said...

Well, They must be a really guility of not able to accept their own Being Deaf. They never went to school for the Deaf but oral school I believed! My question which is not easy but what did they want to have ci something bother me I do not know why? However I watched very careful when the scence of taking hearing test after they recieved CI and audiogolist did not tell them whole thing about stimulus through auditory nerves that caused deafness and they do not have normal 15,000 fibers from the ear to the brain. Just focus how much they comprended the verbal with CI. It must be a real joke! SImple they do not have normal fibers that carry stimulus through the fibers. THey are able to hear the sound not verbal. CI is not a cure at all!!! CI would provide the basic fundemental to able to hear the sound that is all.

Abbie said...

Platonic's Eyes,

I don't think their decision to get a CI had anything to do with accepting their Deaf identity. They spent the past 65 years just that way. They just decided to see if things make a sound, curiosity is what lead them to getting a CI, not to understand speech Most people when they go and get a CI, they have a goal to hear, understand speech or music and sometimes all three. The couple's goal was just to hear different sounds.

I believe only the husband went to a private oral school for the deaf until high school. The wife did attend a school for the deaf.

You are absolutely right that a CI is not a cure, it is just another tool like a hearing aid.