Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Research Links

For those of you who love links and research publications. Many of you frequently ask for the links to the research articles we talk about regarding cochlear implants. And many more of you are asking for research that has already been published. The links below are mostly links to links. If you have links to other research articles, please add them in the comments section. Two of the three are overviews of multiple research articles, so you will have to dig further to read the actual research. I have not reviewed most of the research below, and do not hold an opinion on it. I am simply providing links for those of you who want them.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these resources...I am in the middle of recovering from my CI surgery three days ago, and looking forward to embarking on my new adventure with the CI. My whole family is deaf as well, with one child with a CI. I'm looking to network with other ASL+CI users, to share experiences. I will remain anon for now until I get to know the lay of this land :)