Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Survey for CI users using ASL as primary/secondary language

An audiology student at Gallaudet University sent us an email asking us to share with the rest of the community the link to her research project with the hopes to get more survey responses.

Survey participants must:
  1. be 18 or older,
  2. Must have had cochlear implant(s) at one time...either currently using or discontinued use accepted, and
  3. must use ASL as a primary or secondary language.
The survey should take 15-20 minutes, and your help would be very much appreciated. This research project has been approved by the Gallaudet Institutional Review Board.

Below is an short bio of the researcher, an explanation of this research and why this survey is useful:

I am the survey administrator and my name is Kristine Moore. I am a 3rd year Doctorate of Audiology Graduate Student at Gallaudet University. Gallaudet is a university in Washington, D.C. exclusively for deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Gallaudet accepts some hearing people each year, but it is designed and run with deafness as the primary and most influential factor. It's an incredible place. The discussion of ASL and cochlear implants and how the two can coincide successfully is a pertinent topic for the campus and for culture as a whole. For my research project I hope to study this area further by researching the factors influencing the decision to obtain cochlear implant(s) in individuals who use American Sign Language as a primary or secondary language. PLEASE click on the link to take the COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL survey to further the understanding of this topic. THANK YOU for generous gift of your time and survey responses.

PLEASE click on the link below to take a CONFIDENTIAL survey about Cochlear Implants and American Sign Language:

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