Friday, June 4, 2010

Speaking of Camps...

If you are in or around Oregon, there is a wonderful kids Deaf Camp called Camp Taloali. Here is the link:

They use primarily ASL, but are capable of handling both SEE sign and kids who are primarily verbal with implants. They also allow siblings and friends if room is available.

My daughter has gone there for the past two years, and she loves it. She has really been working on her ASL skills this year, so we will see how much she has improved since last summer.


Marla said...

I understand why you would use "verbal," but I would like to inform you that ASL speakers are verbal also. The post as you wrote it could lead people to think that ASL speakers are not verbal. They are, according to I trust that you would know what I am suggesting. Thank you.

haddy2dogs said...

My Deaf son went to that camp last year and loved it! He uses ASL but he said there were a lot of CI kids. His best friend who is a signing CODA went with him so all the kids found ways to communicate. The staff are awesome as well.