Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deaf Families with Cochlear Implants Study

An online survey for Deaf parents of Deaf children with cochlear implants and their perspectives on bilingualism:

What is the purpose of the study?

There are few studies from deaf families’ perspectives on deaf children with cochlear implants. The purpose of the study is to explore deaf families’ beliefs, perspectives and attitudes about language development in ASL and English. This brings a unique aspect to the research field in gaining an understanding how deaf children with cochlear implant who have deaf parents develop spoken and signed languages. This study also may help improve educational practices with deaf children with cochlear implants.

Who may participate in the study?

Deaf families in North America who have children with cochlear implants are encouraged to participate in the study. At least one parent or a caregiver who is deaf in the family is eligible to participate. Their language use may range from being fully oral to being bilingual in American Sign Language and English.


For more information contact Julie.Mitchiner@gallaudet.edu

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Anonymous said...

meh, cochlear implants is not a cure. anybody who wants implantation, fine with me but as not for me.