Monday, June 2, 2008

Calling Solitaires for Research Study

Many of us have experienced being the "only one" at some point in our lives. Being the only deaf or hard of hearing person in our elementary, middle, or high school years has made an impact on shaping who we are.

Dr. Gina Oliva, the author of "Alone in the Mainstream: A Deaf Woman Remembers Public School", based her book on a qualitative study on the solitaire* experiences of deaf and hard of hearing people. She wanted to see how these individuals would describe their k-12 years when they were adults, to see how they would view their school years in retrospect. Alone in the Mainstream sheds light on how school experiences influenced the decisions that deaf people make in their lives: whether they choose to remain a oral deaf person or use ASL, become member of deaf community, and how they spend their leisure time.

Dr. Oliva has also been investigating summer camps for the deaf and hard of hearing children. So far, she observed more than ten camps, and has interviewed managers, counselors, parents, and former campers (who are now over age 18).

She is expanding the summer camp study, focusing on a younger group- Generation X- and this will naturally include more individuals with cochlear implants.

She is looking for participants that are between 18-33 years of age who were "alone in the mainstream" for at least 7 years, and who have preferably also attended at least one summer camp.

If you or someone you know fit in this criteria, please contact Gift cards will be given to those who have completed the survey/essay procedures.

Participants' names will not be revealed, however; their experiences/stories may be included in a publication; details may be changed to guard anonymity.

The goal is to help show parents, educators, and professionals who work with deaf/hoh children what solitaire experiences was like for Gen-Xers, so they can better prepare to support future generations.

For further information or questions, contact Support future generations by helping out!

*"solitaire" is a term coined by Dr. Oliva, to give a name to the experience of being the only deaf/hard of hearing child in a hearing school environment.

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Karen said...

Gina's book is one that I frequently recommend and loan out. I'm looking forward to her research!