Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer's Story- a film about the life of an ASL-CI User

There is a new DVD created by an ASL-CI User. Check her website:

Summer Crider, who got her cochlear implant at age 6, uses both ASL and spoken English to communicate with her family and friends.
This DVD contains four different films, the first one was made by her mother, Linda Crider. Linda talks about a mother's experience making the decision to proceed with the cochlear implant operation back in 1990. Summer then explains in the second film about what it's like growing up as a bilingual CI user, using both spoken and signed languages. The other two films are segments from PBS's documentary "Through Deaf Eyes" in which Summer appeared on last year and an update on her life since her graduation from high school.

For more information about this DVD, contact

That website has a great resource list for parents and individuals who are considering an cochlear implant and want to learn about sign language, deaf culture, and deaf identity.

Here, below, is a short demo (2 min. clip from her 64 min. long movie) of her recent update.


Karen Mayes said...

That is wonderful to watch this film... very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

I am tired of seeing that term coclear implants implant go publicly to the hearing audience the word cochlear implant may make me forget I'am Deaf.

Supporters of CI claim to include all Deaf people but how do we know they are being completely honest.

Can you explain to me what is the CI community?

Why you talk about adding ASL-CI community?

Deaf means people of color include CI, hearing aids, oral and ASL.

PS. I grew up bilingual- Spanish and national sign language . In fact, I am Hispanic


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