Sunday, July 6, 2008

Promoting ASL to hearing families

One of the biggest hurdles for ASL advocates is to help parents of deaf children find the time to learn ASL. Parents of deaf children with CIs often say they need to focus on the deaf child's auditory/verbal development, which leaves little or no time for ASL.

Here's a solution: Signing Time! These dvds incorporate both languages- English and ASL. The DVDs are full of sound, original songs, and printed English words that go with ASL signs. The entire family, including siblings can watch these dvds and learn ASL while the deaf child can learn the sounds that go with signs. Win-win!

Here's a sample of Signing Time:


Anonymous said...

I'm a great uncle to my nieces and nephews....I've bought those DVDS for them in past...they like it.

I'll try to videotape them sometimes soon. (camera shy runs in my family so I'll see)

Native ASL/CI parent and child said...

Ihanks for the invaluable resource. I will besure to share the information with our children's SLP who in turn could share this with the parents.

billcreswell said...

Since I started learning sign language, my 16 and 10 year old have started watching Signing Time.

Their only connection to the deaf, is the contacts that I have been making in the last year. My daughter has accompanied my to some deaf chats too.

My local library only seems to have old cd's and books on ASL - not many DVD's (just Anthony Natale's)DVD's seem like one of the best ways to learn, because you can repeat them over and over.

Or maybe that's just because it takes me so long to learn, and such a short time to forget?
*pulls fingers across forehead*