Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Upcoming MTV episode featuring an ASL- CI user!

Andrea Manning from MTV Press contacted us yesterday and informed us about this upcoming show, "True Life: I'm Deaf!", which will feature two different stories of two teenagers getting the Cochlear Implant.
Here is a preview of what will be featured on MTV on July 20th, 2008 at 1pm ET/PT.

Below is an excerpt from Manning's email that explains in detail what the show will include:
"On this episode, you'll meet two young people who were born completely deaf and must overcome huge obstacles to get the most out of their lives. 16-year old Chris has made the risky decision to get a cochlear implant, which, if successful, will allow him to hear for the first time. But Chris faces years of hard work to make sense of the sounds and speech that surround him. Can he learn to embrace the hearing world -- or will he get overwhelmed and decide to live in the silence he's known for so long? Amanda discovered how to dance by feeling the vibrations of music. Now, she's good enough to compete for a spot on an NFL dance team -- but is afraid her deafness will keep her from making the cut. Can Amanda impress the judges or will her limited speaking skills end her dream?"

Thank you, MTV, for letting us know!


Anonymous said...

Groan. Just more promotion of Cochlear implant now even on MTV. Great. Why don't we all just get implants and go in the mainstream and close Deaf schools. Drop Deafhood, Deaf culture, Deaf this and that, and just lose our identity. Oh wait, important "ASL lives," right? Let's try be like the hearing. I love it!


Abbie said...

This is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is cool!! Now we'll see how "open-minded" the deaf community really is. Some are complaining that they are only promoting cochlear implant users, however, I am curious, how many non-implant users, ASL only, Deaf individuals actually auditioned? If you didn't take advantage of the audition when it was practically handed to you then you have no reason to complain. Think about it.

I'm very curious to see how the show goes and what responses it gets.

Valerie said...

I can't wait to watch the whole show.

Anonymous said...

MTV didn't caption this commercial... So I guess it's directed at the hearing audience? Can't there be a complete show about Deaf people without any references to CI? It should be entitled "True Life: I'm getting a cochlear implant." Not "True Life: I'm Deaf." My opinion.

Native ASL/CI parent and child said...

Thanks for sharing this clip with us all!

To anonymous, why not! Let's hope for someone Deaf in the community to come up with the "True Life: I'm Deaf."

The girl who auctioned for NFL is a hearing aid user. I thought I saw her say she hopes her aids wouldn't fall out.

I do agree we need more media attention to promote ASL (with or without CI). The boy in the clip had a CI and he signed ASL. Smiles.

Li-Li's Mom said...

Oooh, looks fascinating! Very cool that they are showing both an ASL user with a new CI and an oral deaf person without a CI.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous number 3:

The reason I think the commercial you saw on this website was not captioned is because almost every single commercial on documentary shows are practically never captioned. This is no exception. Also I note that this commercial on this website is from youtube and of course youtube is never captioned. I do wish they would caption the commercial too though :-/ . Also, I think MTV left it's original title "True Life: I'm Deaf" because they intended to have a more variety of deaf people on the show. But they either didn't get enough auditions or they simply could not afford it (because the show is filmed near its main ofice, I think in NY, if the deaf person lives in DC, that means MTV would have to spend their own money to fly/drive to DC, pay for they own hotel and food and walk around filming the person for however long they need to. It would be costly on their part so I guess they need to save the money and film whomever is nearby...) That's just my assumption. I don't know...

Also, NativeASL/CI Parent:

The dancer girl said "I'm worried about my hearing aids" (referring to when she smiled while dancing for the competition, they make the "eeeeeeeeeeeee" sound because her ear modes were loose.

I'm excited!!!

Anonymous said...

One was a CI story but the other was not. It was pretty well done.

And FWIW, the kid getting the CI already had one before when he was younger, hated it and quit using it. His parents didn't force it on him when he didn't want it.

The other person in the story Amanda wears hearing aids and her struggle to follow things at times was hard for a mother to see.

tbriker said...

"Can he learn to embrace the hearing world -- or will he get overwhelmed and decide to live in the silence he's known for so long?"

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this phrase? Let me rephrase it in different ways you can understand better:

"Can he learn to love a woman-- or will he fall for another guy again?'

"Can he become whiter-- or will he go back to looking and acting like a black man?"

Upset? I am too. It's called audism-- looking down on people who cannot hear or speak.